Projects: Salons - Belief and Conflict in the UK

Creative Producer: Holly Jones

A collaboration between 3FF's Urban Dialogues programme and the Cultural Institute at King's College London


"Faced with entrenched fault lines of opinion, belief, and practice, artists are often uniquely able to carve out an alternative space for reflection, imagination and discussion". 


This series of salons brought together artists, academics, activists and commentators to consider the role of art in exploring the relationship between belief and conflict in the UK.


Speakers included Penny Woolcock (filmmaker), Catherine Yass (artist), Peter Kennard (artist), Emily Buchanan (BBC), Oreet Ashery (artist) and Rashad Ali (journalist).The events were designed to challenge received wisdom, to provoke fresh ideas and relationships, and to inspire and foster cross-disciplinary collaborations.  As part of the process, participants were invited to submit proposals for new collaborative artistic work and seed funding was awarded to the strongest submissions. 


Successful artist/academic collaborations included:

Alinah Azadeh with Dr Craig Larkin
Ansuman Biswas with Father William Taylor and Professor Ben Quash
Kai-Oi Joyce with Professor Michael Kerr and Dr Aaron Rosen
David Cotterell with Penelope Quinton and Rebecca Manley


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