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Projects: What Women Believe

Creative Producer: Holly Jones

"Taking part in the project is an unforgettable and deeply touching experience. It gave me the most important answer – I am on the right pathway in my life"
- Donka Radanova, participant

What Women Believe was commissioned by 3FF and first exhibited in Autumn 2015 at JW3.

The work explores leadership, celebrating the lives and often untold stories of older women from across London. Featuring a new installation by artist Tessa Brown, portraits by Ruth Corney and a zine by OOMK, the project creates physical, visual and written spaces within which audiences can explore the lives of the featured women as well as encountering one another, and enjoying performance, music and discussion.

"It felt like the purpose of the project and exhibition had a clarity that culminated into a very special energy in the room – a very calm and encouraging listening…"
- Zena Edwards, poet & performer at What Women Believe Rich Mix

"It was like we were all sat round a fire or something, in a completely other place…"
- Audience member, What Women Believe Rich Mix

The project has also exhibited at Rich Mix, with guest artists at events including Pearls of Islam, Jumana Moon and Zena Edwards.


As part of an education programme, students from Camden School for Girls and St Ursuline High School visited the exhibitions and participated in workshops exploring the themes designed by 3FF:

"The impact of the What Women Believe project has been incredible…the workshops that we were involved in have absolutely influenced our thinking about how best to explore these themes with our young women…it's been an incredibly inspiring journey"
- Lisa Thefault, Director of Extended Learning St Ursuline High School



what women beliueve zine by OOMK


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